Shane Watson opens sports clinic for kids

As he moves towards retirement, Watson is launching a “first of its kind” sports clinic for kids with wife Lee and original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page next month.

“For us, this is about trying to get young kids doing different sports in a different way.”

Watson has teamed up with his wife, former TV presenter Lee and original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page to launch the comprehensive sports clinics for young children, fusing music with movement to get kids excited about sport.

The trio will launch Let’s Activate on February 27, a music-based, multi-sport program comprising of a series of fun and engaging classes designed to teach 2-6-year-olds basic gross motor sports skills using specially-written songs and activities.

“Really it came about from our own kids,” Watson, who is father to three-and-a-half-year-old Will, and 20-month-old Matilda said.

“When Will was two, we were trying to find him a sports clinic he would love and become engaged in, but at that point in time we weren’t able to find the right one and that’s why the thought came into our minds.

“We thought why not set something up with the knowledge that we have. I knew Greg was a cricket tragic so when Lee and I decided this was a path we wanted to go down, of course you want to access the best and that’s why we connected with Greg Page.

The clinic is part of a greater retirement plan for the batting all-rounder who announced his retirement from international cricket in March last year — 14 years to the day after he first played for Australia.

“I am fortunate that I am still able to play Twenty20 around the world, so I am playing four tournaments which take up six months of the year, so I am still getting my fix of playing which I absolutely love. But it also gives me downtime to spend with my family but it also gives me time to set up other things so the transition phase is as easy as it can be when I finish up my playing days.

“This is one of the things I have been spending a lot of time on during the down time I have had. I have spent the last two years really refining it and getting it to the stage that the clinics are now. I am incredibly passionate about this. We want to be able to give the next generation an early start and athletic skills and that’s for their health but most importantly so they have fun doing it.”

Watson’s wife of six years Lee doesn’t anticipate he will retire completely from the sport for another two to three years.

“Knowing what Shane is like, he is a perfectionist and he has to be busy,” Lee said.

“Even when he isn’t playing, he is working on business ventures all the time which is a really great thing.

“It won’t be a drastic change going from everything to absolutely nothing, so I think it is smart that he has been working on other projects so when they time comes, hopefully not too soon, in the next two or three years, we will have this strong and awesome business running and it will be a smooth transition.”

Lee, who was formally a Fox Sports presenter, has high hopes for the soon-to-be-launched clinic.

“We are launching the clinic in the East, North, South and West,” she said.

“We want to fast track and get these clinics out right throughout Australia by mid year.

“We wanted an affordable product and to make sure anyone and everyone can get involved and that is what we are offering. Hopefully we will grow to schools and birthday parties and all sorts of things. “We can put Shane to work after he has retired totally from the T-20 tournament, he can hit the birthday party scene.”

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Sourced from The Daily Telegraph, 23 January 2017

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Posted on Wednesday 25th January 2017
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