Family man and cricket champion Shane Watson focuses on kids’ fitness in new career move

Still planning on starting a band with former cricketer Brett Lee when his career on the pitch finishes, Watson says the world’s first comprehensive sports clinics for children — which fuses music and movement in a music based multi-sport program for 2 to 6 year olds — is a long held dream he has had together with his wife, Fox Sports presenter, Lee.

The duo invited former Yellow Wiggle, and cricket fan, Greg Page on board with his skills and background in music that kids love plus childhood education.

The classes teach toddlers basic gross motor sports skills such as throwing, catching and kicking using songs specifically written by Page.

“Music is something I’ve always been really passionate about but most importantly it was seeing how the kids love music as well and how much they get into it,” Shane said at his Bronte home with gorgeous kids Will, 4, and Matilda, 22 months, giggling in the backyard.

“Some kids aren’t inclined to do something like kick a ball naturally, but with movements and music it’s amazing how easily they learn.

“I just love seeing kids have a great time and especially at a young age learning basic movements and seeing them come out of their shell and moving and running around.”

The cricketing couple said that while “the dream would be able to get as many kids not just around Australia but in different parts around the world to take part in this program” they were just happy to inspire kids to get active.

Their program is initially launching in five indoor locations across Sydney, with a clinic on every Saturday at the Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre in Waverley.

“The main thing is to get kids out of the house away from TV and computers screens and devices, but also get them to learn and build confidence with basic sports movements so when they go to primary school they are confident,” Shane said.

Shane, who says he won’t be pushing his son specifically into cricket, said he was blessed to be setting this up for retirement with Lee running the business while he was away and “fortunate” he could still play at the same time.

“It’s a perfect scenario, and I know how tough a job it is for Lee, especially running a business as well and looking after the kids on her own while I am away,” he said.

“But for us it is a passion to make this happen and for it to continually expand it like we want it to. We’re both so passionate about it.”

For Lee, whose daughter Matilda is already showing a sporting side, the role modelling for girls of women in sport is so important.

“Their role models are different. We had famous actors and supermodels and worried about what they ate and what they looked like, our girls are aspiring to be amazing athletes. There’s a massive shift, which I think is fantastic. And that’s what you want,” Lee said.

Sourced from The Daily Telegraph 19 March 2017

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Posted on Sunday 19th March 2017
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